lørdag 22. august 2009

Kommer over et dikt jeg skrev vinteren 08 på en annen blogg:)
skrev mye der i 08 så begynnte jeg på en annen osv, ja.:P


Those days

Those days you dont feel so good
Those days you look in the mirror a loong time... just looks
Those days you feel a little bit reard

Those days everything goes in slow motion
Those days you are a bit slow yurself
Those days you want to liten to sad music

Those days goes by
Like a second of time

Every day goes by
Someones smiling others cry


Første helg etter skolestart nå.
nå begynner dagliglivet igjen...

tirsdag 4. august 2009

August... 16 days left of the holiday.

Now the sommer is soon over....

But actually I look forward to come back in the routines again...

-This is a picture of the wiev from my familys cabin at the sea:) I love that place<3>

This summer I was first in my brothers wedding who was fenomenal:D then I went to a festival one week. Very fun:) then my cousin and I painted the garage:) so I earned a little money this year also. Worked as a strawberry seller too 3 days:P Then.. I was out in the cabin a little bit, and got along with my friends and that sort of things.. That was a small "oppsummering"..
How have youre summer been?

hah... you can nowtice I have been gone from school for a while... my english is baad...

I have som more pictuers here:) Please comment if u like:)

As you see, my summer, or my lfe is much about of sea :P :)

Well thats that for this time..:)