tirsdag 4. august 2009

August... 16 days left of the holiday.

Now the sommer is soon over....

But actually I look forward to come back in the routines again...

-This is a picture of the wiev from my familys cabin at the sea:) I love that place<3>

This summer I was first in my brothers wedding who was fenomenal:D then I went to a festival one week. Very fun:) then my cousin and I painted the garage:) so I earned a little money this year also. Worked as a strawberry seller too 3 days:P Then.. I was out in the cabin a little bit, and got along with my friends and that sort of things.. That was a small "oppsummering"..
How have youre summer been?

hah... you can nowtice I have been gone from school for a while... my english is baad...

I have som more pictuers here:) Please comment if u like:)

As you see, my summer, or my lfe is much about of sea :P :)

Well thats that for this time..:)

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